The Navy Club Wedding~ Ashley & Jeff’s Wedding Day

Ashley and Jeff are just so freaking sweet! We first met last winter for their engagement session in Jackson Park, Peterborough, Ontario. We bonded over chatting about our fur-babies and our favourite kinds of beer we love to drink. I had so much fun at Ashley and Jeff’s families beautiful homes and the Peterborough Naval Club documenting their wedding day. Their wedding fell on the most beautiful sunny warm Saturday of September and was a day full of love and laughter with friends and family. Followed by one heck of a party to which I of course participated in! Such an amazing day! Thank you so much for having me!

ABP-1071-2 ABP-1076-2 ABP-1080-2ABP-1087-2 ABP-1093ABP-1127ABP-1112 ABP-1115-2 ABP-1140ABP-1120ABP-1124ABP-1175 ABP-1182 ABP-1186ABP-1212ABP-1203  ABP-1100ABP-1256 ABP-1257 ABP-1259 ABP-1282 ABP-1288 ABP-1290 ABP-1292 ABP-1297 ABP-1314 ABP-1335 ABP-1405 ABP-1554ABP-1467 ABP-1473ABP-9419-2 ABP-9432-2 ABP-9435-2 ABP-9582Untitled-2ABP-9517 ABP-9530 ABP-9546-2ABP-9686ABP-9702ABP-1650ABP-1645ABP-1648ABP-1668-2ABP-1683 ABP-1690ABP-1701 ABP-1709 ABP-1714 ABP-1723 ABP-1731ABP-1737ABP-1734ABP-1744ABP-1748ABP-1749 ABP-1752-2 ABP-1754-2ABP-1759ABP-1738ABP-1775 ABP-1789ABP-0051ABP-0068 ABP-0073-2ABP-1820ABP-1826ABP-1856ABP-1859ABP-1862ABP-2167 ABP-2175ABP-0114ABP-0004ABP-1971ABP-1967ABP-1961ABP-2240 ABP-2271 ABP-2322ABP-2300-2ABP-2341 ABP-2350-2 ABP-2368 ABP-2377-2 ABP-2382ABP-1634ABP-9639ABP-1627ABP-1631ABP-1639ABP-1642ABP-2606ABP-2607ABP-2608ABP-2415ABP-2420ABP-2437ABP-0274ABP-2518ABP-2528ABP-2504ABP-2560ABP-2446ABP-2566ABP-0334ABP-0331ABP-2447ABP-2564ABP-2708-2 ABP-2731ABP-2737ABP-2739ABP-2454 ABP-2458 ABP-2469 ABP-2480 ABP-2483 ABP-2490 ABP-2492 ABP-2895 ABP-2906 ABP-2924 ABP-2931 ABP-2687 - Copy ABP-2617 - Copy ABP-2624 - Copy ABP-2648 - Copy ABP-2673 - Copy ABP-2678 - CopyABP-2851 ABP-2863-2 ABP-2884-2

Photographer: Aleisha Boyd Photography

Assistant Photographer: Kristine Hannah


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