Tricia & Adam’s Hastings Ontario Backyard Wedding

I consider myself a very lucky person and I pinch myself everyday that this is my life because I get to meet some pretty awesome people and Tricia and Adam are two of them. Their wedding day has to be one of my favourite.  They started their day with a first look Tricia revealing herself in her beautiful wedding gown to Adam in a field at his lovely family home in Hastings, Ontario. Adam’s reaction to seeing Tricia was priceless and completely evident of his adoration and love for her. Their ceremony was held on the Barry’s front yard under an old tree that acted as their alter. Guests sat on bails of hay and watched the couple as they spoke of their love and affection for one another.  The reception was held in the Barry barn one that only a few months before was not ready to hold such an occasion, but with all the help from family and friends became a place for their dinner and dance. Speeches from family and loved ones were beautiful and love-filled there wasn’t one guest without a smile on their face. Under the sunset and many many sparkles held by their guests Tricia and Adam shared their first dance kick starting their epic dance. The Barry farm not only became a stunning back drop for photos of the bridal party, the couples portraits and their gorgeous wedding, but is one of the most important places to Tricia and Adam as it is where they love to spend all their free time together and now it will forever be a place where they created wonderful memories together and a place to create many many more. Such an amazing day! Thank you Thank you for having me be a part of it!

ABP-5971-2 ABP-5946-2 ABP-5948 ABP-5977 ABP-5981 ABP-5999

Untitled-2ABP-6005 ABP-6017 ABP-6026 ABP-6046 ABP-6058-2 ABP-6059-2 ABP-5963 ABP-5965 ABP-6077-2ABP-5066-2 ABP-5105 ABP-5371ABP-6222ABP-6227ABP-6229ABP-6234 ABP-5122 ABP-6144 ABP-6145 ABP-6147 ABP-6150 ABP-5129-2 ABP-6150-2 ABP-6157-2 ABP-6159-2 ABP-6163 ABP-6185-2 ABP-6192-2ABP-6123 ABP-6129

ABP-5169 ABP-6249 ABP-6272 ABP-5196 ABP-6287 ABP-5200 ABP-6293 ABP-5204 ABP-6299 ABP-5209 ABP-6305 ABP-5216 ABP-6315 ABP-6324-2

Untitled-1ABP-6341 ABP-5222 ABP-6346 ABP-6350 ABP-6352-2 ABP-6356 ABP-5236-2 ABP-6364 ABP-6365-2 ABP-6367-2 ABP-6370-2 ABP-6371-2 ABP-6373 ABP-6374 ABP-6399-2 ABP-6407 ABP-6414-2 ABP-6421-2 ABP-6423 ABP-6468 ABP-6478 ABP-6480-2 ABP-6483 ABP-6490 ABP-6494 ABP-6498 ABP-6502 ABP-6509 ABP-5265 ABP-6513 ABP-5268 ABP-6511 ABP-6613 ABP-6616-2 ABP-6617 ABP-6622 ABP-6631 ABP-6635 ABP-6644 ABP-6661-2 ABP-6669-2 ABP-6674

ABP-2 ABP-6683 ABP-6690-2 ABP-6692 ABP-6704 ABP-6705 ABP-6717-2 ABP-6730 ABP-6737 ABP-6751 ABP-6758 ABP-6767 ABP-6784 ABP-6793 ABP-6796 ABP-6799 ABP-5302 ABP-5304 ABP-5306 ABP-5321 ABP-5323 ABP-5325-2 ABP-5326-2 ABP-6874 ABP-6882 ABP-6885 ABP-6886 ABP-6891 ABP-5340 ABP-6903 ABP-6907 ABP-6912

Untitled-4ABP-5344 ABP-5348 ABP-6925 ABP-6945 ABP-5351 ABP-6949 ABP-6950 ABP-6959 ABP-5355-2 ABP-5367-2ABP-6976-2ABP-6988 ABP-6993 ABP-6999 ABP-6573-2 ABP-7000 ABP-7004

ABP-7061ABP-7005 ABP-7006 ABP-5083 ABP-5085 ABP-5092 Untitled-3ABP-7011ABP-7018ABP-7043ABP-7050ABP-7007ABP-7008ABP-5404ABP-7056ABP-7078ABP-5408ABP-7083-2ABP-7086-2ABP-7098ABP-5425ABP-7142-2ABP-7164


Thank you so much to Jen from Jennifer Rudy Photography for second photographing Tricia and Adam’s Wedding Day!

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