Peterborough Wedding Photographer

Rebecca & Corey’s Wedding in Buckhorn Ontario

On a beautiful summer day in August Rebecca and Corey got married in Buckhorn, Ontario coincidentally one of my favourite places and my hometown. Their day was complete with a ceremony at their lovely friends home overlooking Buckhorn Lake, photos at Adam and Eve rock and reception with all their family and friends to celebrate with them at the Buckhorn Community Centre. It was an awesome day and I am so fortunate to have been a part of it!

ABP-4103 ABP-3783-2 ABP-3804 ABP-3818-2 ABP-3786-2 ABP-3788-2 ABP-3880-2 ABP-3833 ABP-3839 ABP-3914-2 Untitled-1 ABP-3929 ABP-3933-2 ABP-3956-2 ABP-3978 ABP-3999-2 ABP-4000-2 ABP-4002-2 ABP-4005-2 ABP-4078 ABP-4068 ABP-4072 ABP-4379-2 ABP-2-3 ABP-4377 ABP-2-4 ABP-2-9 ABP-4444 ABP-4482-2 ABP-2-12 ABP-4456-2 ABP-2-22 ABP-4669 ABP-4683 ABP-4726-2 ABP-4728-2 ABP-4739-2 ABP-4741 ABP-4179 ABP-4196 ABP-4204 ABP-4209 ABP-4240 ABP-4244 ABP-4252 ABP-4258 ABP-4266 ABP-4268 ABP-4285 ABP-4287-2 ABP-4292-2 ABP-4300-2 ABP-4303 ABP-4306 ABP-4771 ABP-4774 ABP-4310 ABP-4315 ABP-4317 ABP-4345 ABP-4352-2 ABP-4356 ABP-4360-2 ABP-4368 ABP-4389 ABP-4398 ABP-4402 ABP-4403 ABP-4405 ABP-4410 ABP-4416 ABP-4085 ABP-4526-2 ABP-4590 ABP-4638 ABP-4680 ABP-4682-2 ABP-4688-2 ABP-4720-3 ABP-4698 ABP-4704 ABP-4713ABP-4728-3 ABP-4729 ABP-4730 ABP-4733 ABP-4736-3 ABP-4758 ABP-4766-3 ABP-4768-3 ABP-4786 ABP-4792-3 ABP-4801 ABP-4808-3 ABP-4814 ABP-4849 ABP-4957 ABP-4909 ABP-4878-2 ABP-4925 ABP-4975-2 ABP-4982 ABP-5039-2 ABP-4987-2 ABP-5088-2 ABP-5109-2ABP-5119-2 ABP-5151-2 ABP-5142 ABP-5143-2 ABP-5146-2 ABP-5168 ABP-5171 ABP-5164-2 ABP-5175 ABP-5182-2 ABP-5186-2 ABP-5236-2

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