Wedding Photographer Peterborough Ontario

Polmenna Barn Kate and Mike’s Wedding Day

On a very sunny saturday in June Kate and Mike were married at the Polmenna Barn in Campbellford Ontario. The beautiful day included the cutest ring bearer ever their dog Tucker prancing down the isle, the beautiful flowers, bouquets and centre pieces all made by Kate’s very talented mom, and the smiles and laughter had by all their guests. I feel so lucky to have been apart of their day.
ABP-3774 ABP-3768 ABP-3759 ABP-3773 ABP-3796 Untitled-1 ABP-3809-2 ABP-3799 ABP-3802-2 ABP-3812 ABP-3813 ABP-3846 ABP-3852 ABP-3858 ABP-3859 ABP-3861 ABP-3878 ABP-3886 Untitled-2 ABP-3872-2 ABP-3954 ABP-3970 ABP-3971 ABP-3977 ABP-4091-2 ABP-4059 ABP-5994 ABP-6007 ABP-6014 ABP-6020 ABP-6025 ABP-6112 Untitled-1 ABP-6060 ABP-6137 ABP-6156 ABP-6172 ABP-6164 ABP-6182

ABP-4185ABP-4251 ABP-4259 ABP-4264 ABP-4268 ABP-4274 ABP-4279 ABP-4255 ABP-4290 ABP-4294-2 ABP-4297 ABP-4299 ABP-4303 ABP-4304
ABP-4310-2 ABP-4314 ABP-4329 ABP-4340 ABP-4345 ABP-4354 ABP-4368 ABP-4369 ABP-4372 ABP-4378 ABP-4381 ABP-4384 ABP-4386 ABP-4387-2 ABP-4388 ABP-4393-2 ABP-4398-2 ABP-4398 ABP-4409 ABP-4420 ABP-4443 ABP-4445 ABP-4446 ABP-4447 ABP-4458 ABP-4460 Untitled-2 ABP-4484 ABP-4488 ABP-4491 ABP-4500 ABP-4501 ABP-4507 ABP-4509 ABP-4525 ABP-4528 ABP-4530 ABP-4531 ABP-4541 ABP-4763 ABP-4790 ABP-4814 ABP-4839 ABP-4849 ABP-4870

ABP-6464ABP-4876 ABP-4967-2 ABP-4970 ABP-5017 ABP-5008 ABP-5029 ABP-5033-2


ABP-5047 ABP-5137 ABP-6663 ABP-6664



Thank you so much to Melissa Carnegie Photography for second photographing Kate and Mike’s Wedding Day.

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