Mike & Melissa’s Stoney Lake Engagement

 I met Mike, Melissa and Waldo at the Kawartha Park Marina and joined them in a fun boat ride to their lovely family cottage where we enjoyed a beautiful sunny evening taking engagement portraits. I always love photographing couples in their favourite places AND with their super cute furry friends.

ABP-0441 ABP-0437 ABP-0434 ABP-0442 ABP-0446-2 ABP-0449 ABP-0471 ABP-0448 ABP-0458 ABP-0466 ABP-0478 ABP-0479 ABP-0490ABP-0497 ABP-0551 ABP-0575 ABP-0578-2 ABP-0580 ABP-0622 ABP-0623 ABP-0632-2 ABP-0635 ABP-0654ABP-0665

ABP-0768ABP-0715ABP-0717ABP-0725 ABP-0742 ABP-0755 ABP-0760ABP-0772 ABP-0777 ABP-0780 ABP-0791 ABP-0826 ABP-0838 ABP-0854 ABP-0868 ABP-0877 ABP-0878 ABP-0891 ABP-0893 ABP-0894

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