Wedding Photographer Peterborough Ontario

Andrea + Brandon’s Wedding at Gambrel Barn in Milton Ontario

On the long weekend of May Andrea and Brandon celebrated their wedding with all of their family and friends at the beautiful Gambrel Barn in Country Heritage Park in Milton Ontario.

ABP-7227 ABP-7231 ABP-7232ABP-7239 ABP-7240-2 ABP-7242-2 ABP-7243ABP-2679 ABP-2681-2ABP-2685-2 ABP-2686 ABP-2696 ABP-7290 ABP-7299-2 ABP-7305 ABP-7306-2 ABP-7317 ABP-7322ABP-7373 ABP-2767 ABP-2776 ABP-2801 ABP-7458 ABP-7486 ABP-7511 ABP-7553ABP-7410 ABP-7366 ABP-7588-2 ABP-7612-2 ABP-7611-2 ABP-7616-2 ABP-7644-2 Untitled-2 ABP-7659-2 ABP-7675-2 ABP-7698-2 ABP-7707-2 Untitled-1 ABP-7728-2 ABP-8073 ABP-8082 ABP-8117-2 ABP-8100 ABP-8121-2ABP-8137 ABP-8150 ABP-8155-2 ABP-8180 ABP-8211-2 ABP-8219-2 ABP-8257-2 ABP-8269 ABP-8272-2 ABP-8317 ABP-8340ABP-8471-2 ABP-8508-2 ABP-8549 ABP-8262 ABP-8537 ABP-8291 ABP-8551 ABP-8538 ABP-8604 ABP-8611ABP-8416ABP-8424-2ABP-8417-2ABP-8399

I huge thank you to Jennifer Rudy Photography for assisting me and second photographing Andrea and Brandon’s Wedding Day!

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